Pharmaceutical grade products derived from cannabis, hemp and other natural substances


Medigrow has developed a leading medical cannabis / hemp facility in the Kingdom of Lesotho, an independent constitutional monarchy, located within the borders of South Africa, and the first African country to implement medical cannabis legislation in compliance with UN drug control conventions.

  • Medigrow holds a License for cultivation, extraction, manufacture and export of intermediate and final products.  Exports are restricted to countries with enabling medical cannabis legislation.
  • Located in a beautiful, pristine natural environment – free of any historic, and with no future risk of chemical contamination. 
  • At at 2,000m above sea level, we benefit from clean, dry air with a significantly lower risk of mold, mites and mildew infestations relative to areas of high humidity.
  • Quality and Consistency are our most important objectives and we embrace Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) standards for cultivation and Good Manufacturing Standards (EU GMP) in our production facility.  
  • Lesotho is an ideal location for our business – it has a supportive Government and an attractive fiscal regime.  In addition to the great climate and abundance of clean water, it has good infrastructure including low-cost hydro-electricity, good roads, telecoms infrastructure, equipment suppliers and security.

Creating Jobs and Long-Term Wealth

Improving the lives of the people of Lesotho (the "Basotho") is the foundation of our Company's ethos and culture.

  • Our young Company has already had a significant social impact on the local community and has the potential of creating inter-generational wealth for many families.  Medigrow will be a catalyst for lifting many out of poverty through the creation of new jobs and other wealth creation initiatives.
  • The +250 new jobs and new job categories have already provided opportunities for many previously unemployed members of our community.
  • We collaborate with local education institutions to recruit suitably qualified individuals for our business and to support the development of the learning curriculum to prepare graduates for this emerging bio-processing industry.
  • We will soon be able to support the Government's Public Health program by providing consistent, effective products to address local medical needs.
  • Medigrow supports other licence holders and the Government in its endeavours to build Lesotho's reputation as a highly regarded country for sourcing pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis.